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Do your core speech and language therapy services provide enough input for those children with speech, language and communication needs in your school?


As highlighted in the most recent report from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (2017), whilst the NHS provides core services for children with the highest level of speech and language needs, there remains is a significant group of children who enter school with delayed or disordered speech, language and communication skills (50% in some areas), or with persistent language and communication difficulties which affect learning, literacy, behaviour and social skills.

Young Students

We understand tightening budgets in schools and as such, offer a flexible approach to purchasing an effective Speech & Language Therapy provision within a school’s financial constraints.

Conscious Communication SLT specialists provide integrated Speech and Language Therapy services to mainstream primary and secondary schools, special schools, preschools and nurseries within Essex.

In educational settings we work with children and students who have a range of Special Educational Needs including:   

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders 

  • Down’s Syndrome 

  • Cerebral Palsy 

  • Selective Mutism 

  • Speech & Language delay/disorder 

  • Semantic Pragmatic Disorder 

  • Dysflyuency (stammering)

  • Emotional Regulation difficulties and behavioural difficulties


At Conscious Communication SLT, schools often choose to work with us due to our forward-thinking, collaborative approach to working in schools with staff. We have packages for full days, half days as well as specialist staff training. Work within settings may involve:

  • screening and detailed assessment of individual pupils

  • identification and diagnosis of Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)

  • written reports

  • 1:1 therapy (observed by a Learning Support Assistant) 

  • small group therapy (targeting speech; language; play and/or social interaction skills) 

  • whole class support (integrating principles of a Communication Friendly Environment) 

  • training for teaching staff and LSAs

  • joint planning with teachers to support pupils with SLCN within the classroom

  • support/written strategies to differentiate the curriculum for children with SLCN

  • in-class support

  • liaison with NHS SLTs/other key professionals involved with a pupil

  • signposting the need for other professional involvement

  • attendance at parent’s evenings, meetings, annual reviews, INSET days etc.

  • whole school or individual training in specific areas of SLCN

Effective Speech & Language Therapy requires parents to support their child's Speech and Language development at home. As such, we can also provide activities/advice for follow up work at home on request and/or arrange a joint session in school for parents.

Please see our Testimonials page for reviews from Headteachers and SENCOs.


Our packages are tailored to meet the needs of each individual setting, and we provide therapy on both a contracted and flexible/consultative basis. We have 3 rates to choose from:

  • Spot Purchasing Rate - flexible therapy/consultation/training at an hourly rate on a needs-led basis

  • Block Therapy Rate - a block of therapy at less than the hourly rate which can be spread throughout the academic year as needed

  • Annual Contract Rate - our most popular rate, at the lowest cost, for an annual supply of therapy, provided on a weekly basis

Our range of package options can be adjusted to suit the budget and needs of your school. The cost of the service depends on various factors including the number of children on caseload, the complexity of caseload, specific additional services required and school location. Direct hours are defined as face-to-face hours in school (any time spent with children, teachers, LSAs, in meetings, parent liaisons, phone calls to parents, liaisons with other professionals, training, etc.). Indirect hours are defined as non face-to-face hours which may be spent in school or outside of school (report writing, case note writing, referrals to other services, planning therapy, creating bespoke resources). As a rough guide, 1 hour of direct service = 15 minutes indirect)


Half day annual packages (3 hours direct, 1 hour indirect) start at £200/half-day

Full day annual packages (6 hours direct, 1.5 hours indirect) start at £370/day

We also offer mid-packages of 2, 4 and 5 hours (direct)

Hourly rate starts at £77/hour for single day packages

Please get in touch for a discussion of your school's needs and a bespoke quote.

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