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​Does your child present with any of the following?

  • difficulty using the right sounds in words (speech sound development)

  • difficulty understanding spoken language and following instructions

  • delay in beginning to speak (18 months+)

  • difficulties with regulating or managing emotions

  • difficulties with attention, focus, concentration or eye-contact

  • stammering

  • lisps and other articulation disorders

  • has a diagnosis which affects speech, language and social communication (e.g. Autism, Down Syndrome, Cleft Palate)

  • difficulties with sleeping, bedtime routine, eating

If you identify any of the above list with your child, or you have any other Speech, Language, Communication or Behavioural concerns then you we recommend you start with a Speech and Language and Behaviour Assessment for your child. 

speech and language therapy slt essex brentwood

​What is involved in the assessment?

An initial assessment for your child will normally last an hour. This gives us an opportunity to meet you and your child and to carry out a mix of observation alongside formal and/or informal testing, depending on your child's level. We will talk with you and a case history will be taken to find out about your child's developmental history.

Formal testing may involve showing pictures or giving a command and observing a child's response. A formal assessment gives us a standard score which we use to see how a child compares to other children their age. An informal assessment may be carried out through play, observation or games, or may be similar to a formal assessment but without normative data for their performance.

If the assessment is taking place virtually, via video call, we may ask you to carry out some play or activities with your child to see how they respond.

​What happens after the assessment?

After the assessment we will briefly discuss whether speech therapy is appropriate for your child, and if so, you will be given the opportunity to book a future therapy appointment in line with a therapy plan.

When it comes to speech therapy for children, there is no 'one size fits all' approach. Every child is so unique and what works for one child may not work for another. One thing that sets speech therapy with Conscious Communication SLT apart from other speech therapy services is our unique and dynamic approach to using varying therapy techniques to achieve outcomes. We will often work closely with you (the parents/carers) to achieve fast results using integrated and varied therapy techniques depending on the response of your child. Therapy for children needs to be a little bit FUN, and play is often at the heart of our speech therapy approaches. 

Whilst eliciting change is not quite as simple as waving a magic wand, at Conscious Communication SLT we pride ourselves on timely results, which in part comes from empowering our parents/carers to engage in therapy too.

Therapy takes place in clinic, for those families who are local to the area, or over video call for families from further afield. 

If schools or nurseries are happy to carry out therapy we can work with staff to train and advise them on what they can do to help.


Initial assessment (no report)  - £111

Initial assessment with summary report  - £188

45 minute therapy session   - £66

60 minute therapy session   - £88


Home/nursery/school visit - price on request

(home visits are charged travel time at the therapy rate, plus milage)

Detailed formal assessment and report for tribunals, EHCPs etc   - starts at £660

(includes 1.5 - 2 hour in-depth case history and formal assessment session and full report)


call 07763687976                               OR                               click to email

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